Rim Molding & Engineering Inc. is an industry leader in the successful molding of complex RIM (reaction injection molding) parts. Many of the parts that are produced at RME are RIM encapsulation parts that are over molded around metal or plastic substraights. This over molding or encapsulation process adds structure to the molded part and eliminates post operations to complete these final assemblies thus saving time and money.

RME currently utilizes several different RIM systems but is not limited to these materials exclusively as we have several different metering units that can be used for a wide variety of RIM materials. Below is a brief listing of current material types used at RME. Material types.

In addition to being a custom RIM molder, RME also can provide part design guidance on your project to insure the initial part design is conducive to the RIM process. Please send us your part files and the RME engineering team will provide a mold and part quote that will insure your project is successful.

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