Process Capability

Rim Molding and Engineering Inc. offers prototype and production level parts for our growing customer base. Many of these moldings are considered a niche product in the encapsulated RIM field that sets us apart from our competition. We differentiate ourselves from commodity RIM molders by the successes we’ve enjoyed molding complex part geometries, encapsulated glass, metal or other substraights that are over molded with our unique RIM process.


Many of the parts currently manufactured at RME have taken a great deal of engineering, design, and process development from the RME team. This work is completed as we work closely with our customer to insure every facet of the product meets with their approval.  Some products currently manufactured were designed and created due to failures of a competing process. RIM is an excellent choice for many applications and has distinct advantages over other processes in many instances.


RME has on staff many skilled technicians, process engineers and engineering personnel that have been in the industry for many years. This level of expertise is a key ingredient to our success providing RIM molded product that exceeds our customer expectations.


RME has numerous RIM presses that range in platen size and tonnage to allow for a diverse product range. Many of the presses have tilting platens to allow for added process control for the molded parts. In addition RME has many urethane dispensing units that allow for a broad output range that can be dedicated to your project to insure a high quality molding.


RME takes pride in our ability to assist our customers with design guidance, pilot run parts through production level part volumes while insuring quality every step of the way.


Design Guidance

Send us your part data and the RME team will provide design guidance to insure the product data lends itself to the RIM process if needed. We are glad to offer slight draft changes or other suggestions that may be helpful to insure a successful RIM molding.


Prototype and Production Molds

After proper examination of your part data, RME can manufacture the proper mold to satisfy your project requirements. In many instances aluminum molds are the best choice as they allow durability, excellent process control and can have texture or grain applied to the tool surface to provide unique part surface requirements.

Composite molds or CNC machined REN molds can also be used dependent on part complexity. These mold styles can provide process prove out and sample part activity but are not recommended for production intent programs. RME will provide the correct mold quote proposal to insure your project is successful.


Process Prove Out / Sample Parts

Typically, after any new molds are commissioned at RME a sample part run or process prove out is needed to insure proper venting, gating is achieved. This also allows sample parts to be provided to the customer for evaluation and testing. For most projects this 2 to 3 day event is an excellent way do a thorough part review prior to releasing a production order.


Production Parts

RME has several work cells that can be dedicated to your project for a production parts order. Once any needed modifications are completed to the mold after the process prove out / sample parts molding RME can then fill parts orders based on customer release schedules. All of the parts produced meet or exceed our customer expectations and can be shipped in provided returnable packaging or corrugated boxes suitable for the product size.


RME is glad to put our resources to work for you on any custom RIM molded product. Send us your CAD files and our team will be back in touch quickly with any part recommendations and a quote for your consideration.

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